Diabetes prevention program

An another unique program developed by Fusion health care. India has the most number of diabetics only 2nd to China. In fact the numbers of pre-diabetics are much more. These people if not treated in time may go on to develop diabetes which is a lifelong condition.

So. In Order to prevent the development of Diabetes in such people, Fusion health care has devised this unique program.

Who is at risk for developing Diabetes?

1. Prediabetic or person with borderline diabetes.

2. Person with a family history of diabetes

3. Person with Obesity

4. Person with Hypertension, Heart problems

5. Person with high cholesterol levels

6. Person with mental stress

7. Gestational diabetes

These people are screened to assess their risk of developing Diabetes. A proper Examination with appropriate pathology is carried out to find out whether they are prone to develop diabetes. If they are prone, they are enrolled in this program for continuous monitoring via frequent consultations, life style modifications, continuous contact.

Thus, this program aims to either prevent the onset of diabetes or if not to postpone the onset by many years so as to enable them to live a high quality of life.