Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program

A unique program devised by Fusion health care. It addresses the unmet needs of a diabetic person. It dwells on the concept of Lifestyle modifications under medical supervision. The whole program is customized to suit the needs of a diabetic person.

It involves many dedicated Diabetes consultations along with Diet & Exercise counseling spread over a period of 12 months along with continuous contact support for diabetes & related issues. A proper History taking & full examination followed by a complete screening for diabetes complications is carried out. Appropriate blood pathology is advised & depending on the results, a customized plan is developed to ensure a gradual reduction in the medication dose till the person is off the medication, with the sugars under control. Continuous motivation & reinforcements are provided through daily contact.

This program helps the person to not only stop the medications, but also to reduce the risk of developing complications remarkably thereby improving the quality of life.